Tips on How to Repair Storm Damaged Trees

The unforgiving storms can result in costly damage to your residential or commercial property and also, cause extreme damage to your trees. There are a lot of classifications of storm damage to your trees such as lightning, bow over, root failure, branch failure, stem failure and crown twist.

Generally, the damages which occur are just minor and only the very smallest tree branches are damaged and thus, little to no permanent damage happens to your tree. All you have to do is to clear up the scattered twigs and broken branches and do some slight pruning so that you may restore your tree in a pleasing and attractive manner.

In certain instances, extreme tree damages can happen such as removal of bark, splitting of trunks, broken huge branches and even total removal of the tree itself. Some of the worse causes of the tree damage are heavy ice storms and lightening, strong winds. Is your time and effort spending on the repair of your trees worthwhile? Probably, the answer is yes. If the substantial part of your tree is still undamaged and if the repair of the tree is done, it may likely come back in its shape once more, and give the tree owner the best value.

Treating Your Tree

Once you’ve chosen to decide to repair your tree, the next step would be to identify if you should be handling the repair all by yourself or should it be done by a much skilled and knowledgeable professional tree service contractor. If you are not comfortable with the task and not experienced enough in the field of work, then it’s better to leave this kind of project to an expert in tree damage repair. However, if you decide to work with it alone, there are some helpful procedures which you need to work upon.

To begin with, you would require to know where the damage is and how the damage took place. You might find the branches hanging and broken while some may be partially attached. Then you have to plan on which tree branches you need to get rid of and make a decision at which area the cut should be made. You also need to remove damaged tree branches closest to the main trunk, lateral branch and bud and not at the center of the branch.

Tree damage caused by storms may lead to several problems and thus, it is highly suggested that you contact a professional and experienced tree service company who would help you in giving topnotch services such as tree trimming, tree pruning offered by tree pruning Noblesville IN, stump guiding, tree removal and all of these tree services are given 24/7.

When to Prune a Tree?

Tree pruning should generally be done in the late fall or winter. It is because during this time, your tree is most likely to be damaged because of pruning. Furthermore, stress can also happen in trees and hence, the removal of tree branches can lead to significant damage, as well.